Clay Pigeon

2nd in Final 1

3rd in Final 2

Although Ticktum briefly led, Caroline had somehow roared up from grid 7 for 2nd and quickly put Ticktum down a few places, shouldering him aside on the way out of Billy’s blind bends. Daruvala had also sped by Ahmed. Daruvala was not to be denied as he swiftly made his way to the front, passing Caroline at the top end of the track and putting 3.5s on the rest.

The racing for 2nd place was certainly exciting despite the small grid, as Ahmed leapt to that position over Ticktum and Caroline, only to be put off the track and falling to last. Caroline took up the running but Ticktum had other thoughts, jumping past Billy Monger and then relieving Caroline of 2nd. A reshuffle behind had Philip Rawson up to 3rd over Caroline at the horseshoe and at last the action calmed down as the karts spread out over the last lap, except for Martin pipping Caroline by the chequer. Caroline was then excluded for the incident with Ahmed, and Rawson took a five place penalty.

As Ticktum started to come under pressure from Rawson, once he had cleared Martin, leader Daruvala was able to relax and ease away in Final 2. Caroline was forging a path through the minor order, quickly reaching 5th passing Macdonald, and towing Ahmed along with him. That was as far as he got, it turned out Ahmed had better pace and a clean pass elevated him to 5th. The gap to Martin was too much though. Ticktum was coming under increased pressure from Rawson and it was no surprise to see their places reversed at the horseshoe. Macdonald fell to the back, and Monger stopped on track.

Karting Magazine October 2013