HONDA CADET has attracted a small number of French drivers, a very welcome boost to the class. Alex Lecuyer was excluded from the meeting for having a modified brake disc, which is probably a lesson to always read the regs carefully. He also had an exclusion for a driving offence. Daniel Ticktum and Jack Mitchell shared the four heat wins equally between them with the latter on pole. A bit of a slide in the chicane let Mitchell alongside Ticktum as they battled round the pits complex, Mitchell coming ahead in the sudden hailstorm. But Ticktum had the pace to pass soon after. Jamie Caroline had a grassy trip crossing the finish line but didn’t lose much time, running 8th. Dave Wooder had an amazing start from grid 13 to be running 5th on the opening lap, but later fell back to 13th.

Mitchell couldn’t hold onto Ticktum and eventually succumbed to Luke Knott, whilst Billy Chaplin traded 4th with Jack Bartholomew. Jamie Caroline came back to split them for 5th, Bartholomew alleged this was done by bypassing the chicane. However no official saw the alleged incident and his protest was deemed out of time. Ticktum nearly tripped over an unhelpful backmarker and Jack Partridge and Mitchell made one last attempt on taking 2nd off Knott at the last corner. “I didn’t know it was the last lap, they didn’t put the board out for me, but anyway I just drove away from the rest” said a really happy Ticktum.

Karting Magazine – May 2009